Ways To Help Your Kids Write Faster

Writing is an important skill for communication and especially in the education field when students are expected to write well and fast throughout their learning at school. In today’s world of technology, students are presented with lesser opportunities to practise their writing skills which may potentially be one of the contributors to a reduced speed in our students’ handwriting. This creates some concerns among parents on their children’s handwriting skills and speed.

There are many factors that can affect your child’s speed in writing, such as writing tools, body posture, etc. Here are some tips which can help your child to improve on his/her writing speed:  

1) Check the Writing Tools ​ Always use a good quality pen/pencil because it has a great significance on our writing speed and these days they do not cost much.

2) Body Posture and Technique

a. Maintain Good Posture

This is one of the easiest ways the child can do to improve his/her speed in writing and it makes your child feel more comfortable while writing. Make sure to set the height of the desk and the chair properly it will help in maintaining good posture.  ​

b. Hold the Pen/Pencil in a Comfortable Manner

The ideal way to hold the pencil is the Dynamic Tripod Grip which helps a child to write faster.    

c. Avoid Gripping Pen/Pencil too Hard

When a child tries to write quickly, he/she ends up holding the pen/pencil too hard and it actually slows down the writing speed and causes the hand and fingers to tire out. To check how much pressure your child is applying in holding the pen/pencil, wrap clay around the pen/pencil. If the grip changes the shape of the clay, the child may be applying too much pressure.  

d. Avoid Applying Too Much Pressure On The Paper

When a child exerts too much pressure on the paper while writing, it slows down the writing speed because the child uses more arm muscle strength and thus causing fatigue easily.  

e. Fix Handwriting Technique

Good handwriting technique involves moving the pen using forearm and shoulder muscles. ​

f. Writing Style

Modifying and simplifying the way your child forms letters can increase the writing speed. The child should avoid forming fancy and big letters which may end up in moving the child’s arm more and decreasing the overall speed.  ​

g. Hand and Finger Exercises

Hand and finger exercise makes the finger muscles stronger thus reducing the chances of getting tired easily.    

3) Practice

Increasing the frequency of practice is what makes everyone achieve their goal faster.  Pick a book or magazine which interests the kid and make him/her write a paragraph every day and time the speed with the help of a stopwatch.  


Improving speed in writing can have significant benefits, such as increasing synchronization between mental thinking and generating output, and improved performance in academic tasks. Make sure to use a good writing tool that is convenient for your child to write with.   Implement the tips mentioned above and keep experimenting on what works for your child. Find the things your child likes which can be useful in speed writing and see how it can be transformed into a learning experience.  

The kid is always hungry for better and creating something new out of nothing. Let’s take a step to acknowledge the basic idea of nurturing and holding the pen of their dreams again.  

Writing with a stronghold to your future for sure runs with how you write it, vibrant & clear


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