Are you worried your child is not reading at their grade level?


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Eblity Reading Program, powered by enables you to make dramatic improvements in your child's reading.

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Parents all around the world love the program!



Sylvia, parent of 10 years old Peter, Canada

"Peter since starting, has also been very co-operative and doing his reading for with no fights. It is no longer a struggle to get him to open any of his books and read. A complete turnaround from when we started. It is very noticeable that he has gained confidence in his reading skill and is reading everything he can from signs and any other text that he encounters."

Are you struggling to make improvements in your child's reading?

You may see the following challenges; poor reading, spelling, and/or writing skills, difficulty following verbal instructions, unable to recall what they have read, experience discomfort or fatigue easily when reading.

There are many reasons which make it difficult for a child to read fluently. Dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, poor working memory, inability to focus are some of the reasons.

When you improve reading, all these areas improve.



Improve self-confidence, enhances social problem solving while also reducing stress.


Improve sustained focus and center on tasks. Prolong sitting still in one place.

Motor Skills

Improve hand-eye coordination, and eye tracking. 

Other Areas 

Improve social skills, language development, memory and creativity.

Mother of an 8 years old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Bahrain

"My expectations were nothing more than improving my son’s reading abilities as I knew he was intelligent but did not like books.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when after first two weeks of Cognitive Training sessions, I noticed marked improvements in his behavior as well and most importantly better communication skills as he is able to express himself now, carry a conversation with people and even narrate stories/incidents."

There are many ways parents and teachers try to improve reading but are not getting satisfying results. 


Parents send their children to tuition classes, provide various reading exercises, pressure the children to focus, pay attention and read more. While this may work in some cases, it may not address the underlying issues and many continuously find it hard to make progress.

What is Eblity Reading Program?

Is a 4-month computer-based program, with science rooted in research, designed for people with reading difficulties. It consists of Cognitive Training, Reading Sessions and Assessments.

The program uses fast-moving graphics, differential sound and a multi-sensory approach to build phonemic awareness, graphonemic knowledge and language structure.

Parents can be the facilitator to help your own children to improve in their reading by being their coach and cheerleader, with the support from Eblity Student Success Team.

Why Eblity Reading Program? 

Home Based Learning

A familiar environment for child and reduces fatigue for travelling to tuition.

Flexible Schedule

Set learning routine for your child according to the child’s schedule.

Bond with your child

Strengthen parent-child relationship. Bond with your child in their learning journey. 


No one knows your child better than yourself. You have the key to help them to achieve their full potential. Take the first step to make this difference today.

Get a free reading assessment done
Parent On-boarding & Training

All parents will be provided a 15-min training at the beginning of the program so that you can have a better idea to help your children to succeed.

Baseline Reading Assessment

A home-based reading assessment will help parents understand the current reading level of their children. This will help to measure the progress made along and at the end of the program.

Student Success Team

As parents and children progress through the program, our student success team will make sure that parents continue to be supported. We will work with parents as a team to help their children push past plateaus and further develop their focus and reading fluency.

Cognitive Training

Game Plays powered by engages the brain of your child and improves the cognitive skills that are fundamental to improve reading fluency.

Reading Therapy

Reading exercises and game plays powered by provide consistent and continuous practices to develop the reading fluency, and cement the gain from the cognitive training.

Post Program Assessment

A home based reading assessment is repeated at the end of the program to measure the improvements and identify the next steps to take, aiming to keep up the improvement momentum and avoid regression.

Conny & Howard, parents of 10 years old Lucas

"Lucas is now able to understand what he reads. This has made a great difference in his life. He is now able to find the joy in reading and will actually remember what he has read. He can even be found happily reading independently - this is monumental."




Peter was struggling immensely with reading and writing, and he almost gave up. Since he has been doing the  program we have seen a complete turn around in Peters attitude. Now whenever I ask him to do his reading we no longer have struggles.

We had bible class coming up and I asked Peter to read and he said to me “ ok, reading is easy and kind of fun”. I almost fell off my chair, especially since I never thought I would hear those words coming from him. True joy to parents ears that have a struggling reader.

Conny & Howard

It has been a great blessing for our family. Three of our children have completed the program, Gavin age 14, Lucas age 10, and Emily age 8.

The program is easy, enjoyable and with no frustrations! What more could a parent ask for? It really was an answer to prayers. The results were amazing.

The program has given our children a new found joy in life. The joy of learning has been restored. It is wonderful to see how their self esteem has grown. I really hope that other families will be able to benefit from this wonderful program.


My expectations were nothing more than improving my son’s reading abilities with the program.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when after first two weeks of Cognitive Training sessions, I noticed marked improvements in his behavior as well : fewer tantrums and mood swings, less anxiety in crowded or unfamiliar places;  enhanced  fine motor skills like catching a ball, tying his shoelaces, buttoning his shirts, eating food with spoon  etc. much much better handwriting skills; better concentration and attention span and ability to follow instructions; fewer homework tantrums; better sensory perception and ability to process loud sounds music and lights etc.,

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