Sophie Spoor

Yoga Teacher, Kids Yoga Book Author & Speaker


Sophie Spoor

Sophie is a French Yoga teacher who specialised in kids yoga, and a mother of 3 children. Sophie founded So Yoga which has been implemented in over 14 schools. She is a registered instructor under Ministry of Education in Singapore, a certified Special Needs Kids Yoga instructor and she conducts private or group yoga classes to Special Needs Children with ASD, ADHD, MD, etc. Sophie also teaches yoga to children, families and adults in Singapore, and aims to bring Fun and Happiness, Peace and Relaxation to her students through yoga! In addition to teaching yoga, Sophie has written and published kids yoga books, kids yoga cards, provides mats and accessories to support Yoga lovers practise Yoga from anywhere, under her brand MiniYOGI. Sophie has completed multiple courses such as Rainbow Kids Yoga, Radiant Child, Mindful Schools Levels 1 & 2, and also for Children with Special Needs in London.

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