Developmental Delay Checklist

0-7 years

About the Checklist:

Brief-write up

Human development refers to the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes that occur throughout life. The first 3 years of life are considered the "critical phase" in a child's life. Developmental milestones are things that most children can achieve by a certain age.
developmental milestones include physical, cognitive, language, communication, and social-emotional skills.
A developmental delay occurs when the child does not reach developmental milestones  compared to peers in the same population. The delay can be in a single domain that is, an isolated developmental delay) or in more than one domain.
Early detection of developmental delays and appropriate management can positively change the course of a child's development.

Why use this checklist?

Eblity's Developmental Delay checklist will help you to identify the red flag signs that indicate a possibility of developmental delay.
This checklist is based on the milestones a child is to attain at a particular age in different domains of development.
You can use this to identify the domains in which the child is facing a delay and support them with remediation/further formal evaluation of their skill deficits.

Who can use this checklist?

Parents, caregivers, professionals and educators can use this checklist to know if the child is at risk/shopwing symptoms of having a  delay.

Point to Note/Disclaimer

This checklist is only an observation checklist that helps to know the red flag signs and it is not a diagnostic tool.

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Cognitive, Motor, Communication, Language, Behavioral and Emotional


Developmental Delay