Reading Skills Checklist

3-15 years

About the Checklist:

Brief-write up

Reading is the third skill of the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) that an individual acquires in early years. Reading is fundamental to all individuals and it helps us find and convey information.

Reading difficulties can affect other areas of learning, including writing, spelling, fluency, and comprehension. These make it difficult for students to perform and it affects their self esteem.

Knowing that children struggle and are facing difficulties can help them to receive timely help that can develop their skills to become a confident reader.
Children develop at different rates, but early intervention is key in helping children who struggle to read.

Why use this checklist?

Ebility's Reading checklist will help you  to know the child's level of difficulty in reading.

This checklist is based on the skills required to read efficiently. (This is a skill based observation checklist)

You can use this to identify the reading challenges in children and support them with remediation/further formal evaluation of their skill deficits for early identification of learning difficulties if any.

Who can use this checklist?

Parents, caregivers and educators can use this checklist to know if the child is struggling with reading.

Point to Note/Disclaimer

This checklist is only an observation checklist that helps to know the red flag signs and not a diagnostic tool.

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LD, ID, ASD, ADHD, CP, Developmental Delay and DS