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Holistic solutions empowering caregivers
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Eblity Teacher Training
A well research-based and engaging teacher upskilling program that equips teachers with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to excel in classrooms.
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Eblity Parent Training
A comprehensive parent engagement program that effectively supports children success and strengthens the school-home partnership.
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A partnership program that shapes a brighter future for education and helps achieving corporate social responsibility and brand visibility objectives for our partners.
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A global community of caregivers
that is dedicated to supporting, empowering and uplifting each other on the journey of caring for children with unique challenges and special needs.
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Eblity Teacher Training & Support
Upskill to Overcome Academic & Behavioural Challenges
Eblity Teacher Training & Support provides comprehensive content, resources, software tools and mentorship sessions, all meticulously researched and tested in real classrooms. This program is designed to equip every teacher with the essential skills and guidance needed to effectively support students facing various academic and behavioural challenges.
Comprehensive One-Year Training Content
The year-long trainings cover a wide range of essential topics, including mentorship sessions, from academic planning to managing behavioural challenges. This holistic approach ensures that teachers are well-equipped to handle a variety of classroom situations and student needs, ultimately enhancing the overall outcomes of students.
Proven Impact and High Satisfaction Rates
With over 120,000 teachers and parents trained and a high satisfaction rating, the program has a proven track record of success. Schools can be confident that investing in this program will yield positive results in terms of teacher performance and student outcomes.
Research-Driven and Expert-Led Training
The training content, resources and tools are built on a foundation of research and led by experts in the field. With mentorship sessions and these research-backed strategies, we provide teachers with the most relevant and up-to-date teaching techniques and materials to implement interventions effectively in their classrooms. This comprehensive approach enhances overall student outcomes.                      
Flexibility and Accessibility                            
The program offers flexible scheduling and is accessible online, making it convenient for teachers to participate without disrupting their existing commitments. This ease of access ensures that more teachers can benefit from the program, leading to a broader impact on the school's educational standards.
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Eblity Parent Training
Strenghthen The School-Home Partnership
Eblity Parent Training is a dynamic program focused on creating a comprehensive and lasting school-home partnership. Our mission is to empower parents and caregivers to actively engage in their children's education, ensuring their success both academically and personally.
Holistic Engagement
Eblity Parent Training offers a holistic approach to parent engagement, fostering strong connections between schools and families for the benefit of every child.
Empowering Parents
Through Eblity masterclasses, resources, and support, we equip parents with the tools and knowledge they need to actively contribute to their child's educational journey.
Effective Communication
We empower schools and parent to facilitate clear and consistent communication at all essential touch points, providing timely updates, resources, and insights to keep parents informed and involved.
Strengthening Bonds
Eblity Parent Training goes beyond academics, encouraging parents to actively participate in school events and activities, creating a sense of belonging and community.
Experience the transformative power of a strengthened school-home partnership.
Together, school and parents can work hand-in-hand to help students overcome academic and behavioural challenges.
10,000 + GST for Year long training for your school
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Shaping a Brighter Future Together
Eblity Partnership is a collaborative effort that unites like-minded channel partners to provide high-quality training to sponsored schools. This initiative is designed to enhance teachers' expertise and parents’ awareness while aligning with partners' brand strategies and fulfilling their corporate social responsibility objectives.
Educational Impact
By partnering with Eblity, your organization directly contributes to the advancement of education, making a positive difference in the lives of educators, parents, and students.
Brand Visibility
Eblity Partnership offers a unique platform for organizations to increase brand visibility within the education community, reaching students and their families.
Investing in Tomorrow
Your support for our teacher and parent training programs demonstrates your commitment to investing in the future by equipping caregivers and educators with essential knowledge and skills for student success.
Corporate Responsibility
Showcase your organization's commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement by supporting programs that have a meaningful societal impact.
Reach out to Eblity for Partnership Opportunities
Be a part of a collaborative effort to empower education and make a meaningful difference in the lives of students, educators, and families while achieving your corporate objectives.
Sponsor the entire school's training at only INR 18,000 + GST per year
Fostering Knowledge and Strength
Eblity Community is a vibrant global network of caregivers, united by a shared dedication to supporting, empowering, and uplifting each other as we navigate the remarkable journey of caring for children with unique challenges and special needs.
Strength Through Connection
Eblity Community provides a safe and supportive environment where caregivers worldwide come together, forming bonds, sharing stories, and finding strength through unity.
Resource Hub
Access a wealth of practical knowledge, insightful resources, and heartfelt support from fellow caregivers who understand the intricacies of caring for children with unique needs.
Knowledge Empowerment
Dive into a rich selection of educational content and materials, including webinars and workshops designed to equip you with the tools and insights needed to provide exceptional support.
Global Perspective
Connect with caregivers from around the world, broadening your horizons and cultivating a global perspective on caregiving.
Join Eblity Community today!
Become part of a 150,000+ compassionate and informed global member network dedicated to inspiring hope, sharing wisdom, and empowering caregivers to provide exceptional support, care and opportunities for extraordinary children.
10,000 + GST for Year long training for your school
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What Our Members Say
"Thank you so much. I am really thankful to Eblity for enhancing my skills. After attending the programs, when I go to any class, I can clearly see the students who are struggling with such problems. I try to help them at my level.

I think not only teachers, parents are also ignorant about these."
Priti Mahato
Professional Teacher
"It was a very illuminating training program which addressed a lot of issues in the teaching field. Fantastic, mind-blowing, super!"
Gargi Mishra
Professional Teacher
"We teachers are looking forward to this kind of session again. It was a very informative session. Thank you ma'am for the Masterclass."
Dhrishti Dey
Professional Teacher
"Very good effort for children and parents bonding, keep it up team and thank you for supporting!"
Ridhaan Raj

50+ Expert Speakers from all over the World

Eblity Global Expert - Jagmeet Chawla
Mrs. Smita Tripathi
Remedial Therapist, Special Education Consultant
Eblity Global Expert - Margarita Gendelman
Ms. Shivani Wadhwa
Counselling Psychologist and Remedial Therapist
Eblity Global Expert - Deepa Raja
Mdm. Geetha Gopi N.
Rehabilitation Practitioner and Psychologist
Eblity Global Expert - Gerd Winkler
Ms. Pooja Agarwal
Counselling Psychologist
Eblity Global Expert - Tejashree Gambhir
Dr. Jagmeet Chawla
Founding Director of Aadhaar Centre
Eblity Global Expert - Yi Yu Meng
Dr. Amba Sethi
Consulting Psychologist and Master Trainer
Eblity Global Expert - Geetha Gopi N
Ms. Uttara Sharma
Special Educator
Eblity Global Expert - Preethi Mathur
Preeti Mathur
Head of Counseling & Special Education Department
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