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Digitalised Assessments, IEPs, Goals & Outcomes, Parent communications, Schedules, External service provider engagements and more on a single page. You don't have to search for information in excel sheets, registers and paper files

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Our Beliefs

Eblity's mission is to raise aspirations of slow learners, students with special needs, learning disabilities and poor academic performance.


We believe that the student should be at the centre of all plans, goals and interventions.


We believe every student wants to thrive and is capable of thriving given the right environment and support.

Team Sport

We believe that student success is a team sport. It takes active collaboration of members of the team with different skills to help every student to succeed.


We believe neither technology nor the teacher is sufficient, blending the right technology with the teacher is necessary to succeed.


"I am very grateful to your team for organizing the webinar. I am able to use 'The Who Am I' Game for my 5 year old hyperactive child. It is bringing wonders. Thank you. Waiting for more such resources. God bless you always. "

Dr. Prital Shah
(M.D) (Hon)

"She has become more confident not just in solving Maths problems but also in interacting with others both in family and outside. It made us really proud and happy when we saw her helping her sibling with Maths problems."


"Thanks a lot team Eblity, it was amazing webinar, kindly post me future webinar too. I have joined the Whatsapp group and telegram group."

Hiral Khimani
Consulting Psychologist

"Thank you for the resource book. The gesture of sharing the resources after the webinar is very appreciable."

Joseph Prabhu E.
Senior Occupational Therapist, Oman

"Thank you Team Eblity for the wonderful informative session.🙂 Looking forward to stay connected to join in the other webinars. "

Dr. Priyanka Marwaha
Pediatric Occupational Therapist

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Raising Aspirations


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