Transformational Education for Special Children

Eblity enables parents, educators, professionals and schools to provide special needs children the education they deserve.

Transformational Education for Children with Special Needs by Eblity

About Eblity

At Eblity, we strive to raise the aspirations of every child with special needs and academic difficulties. Helping them succeed is at the center of everything we do.

We want to empower children and their caregivers to lead meaningful, happy lives.

Global Presence of Eblity
Empowering Tools

We offer a suite of tools for parents, educators, professionals & schools to radically change their children's learning experience

Learning Ecosystem

We build an ecosystem for everything one would need to improve special children's lives exponentially

Community Enablement

We grow together as a community with everyone who's taking care of a special child









Special Education Webinars

Eblity brings Special Education Experts via live webinars to equip you with better knowledge.

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Webinars to help children with special needs by Eblity

We issue e-certification of participation to all participants at our live webinars.

Live Interaction

We bring top special education experts to our participants at our live webinars.

Q&A Sessions

We create dedicated Q&A segments to address questions from the participants.

Watch On Demand

We share webinar recording in the event the participants could not attend the live event.

Some of Our Upcoming Webinars

The Heart of an Educator
What is an Inclusive School and its Benefits?
Setting up a Student Support Services Department in an Inclusive School
Gaining Parental Acceptance and Support

50+ Expert Speakers from all over the World

Eblity Global Expert - Jagmeet Chawla
Jagmeet Chawla
Founding Director of Aadhaar Centre
Eblity Global Expert - Margarita Gendelman
Margarita Gendelman
Occupational Therapist
Eblity Global Expert - Deepa Raja
Deepa Raja
Founder of iSEN Multisensory Lab
Eblity Global Expert - Gerd Winkler
Mr. Gerd Winkler
Founder & Director, Global Autism Solution
Eblity Global Expert - Tejashree Gambhir
Tejashree Gambhir
Psychologist and Behavioural Interventions Expert
Eblity Global Expert - Yi Yu Meng
Yi Yui Meng
Senior Principal Speech Pathologist
Eblity Global Expert - Geetha Gopi N
Geetha Gopi N.
Rehabilitation Practitioner and Psychologist
Eblity Global Expert - Preethi Mathur
Preeti Mathur
Head of Counseling & Special Education Department
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Special Education Workshops

Eblity conducts practical, interactive and structured workshops for professionals and parents who are caring for Special Needs Children. Learn from the experts through over 100+ topics based on specific learning paths specially designed for you.

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Workshop to help children with special needs by Eblity
Real-life Case Studies

Learn via case studies and examples you can relate with

Experienced Practitioners

Conducted by industry experts with decades of experience

Step-by-step Guidance

Get access to informative and actionable advice and guidance


We issue e-certification of participation to all participants at our live workshops.

Some of Our Upcoming Workshops

Gaining Parental Acceptance and Support
Introduction to Academic Challenges - Part I
Introduction to Academic Challenges - Part II
Importance of Assessment & Early Identification of Children with Academic Challenges
How to Determine Proficiency Levels for Literacy and Numeracy Skills in Children with Academic Challenges?

Special Education Resources

Eblity offers thousands of special needs resources at the tip of your fingers. Download PDFs, worksheets, guides
and more to provide the right intervention. Curated by experts and validated by our members of the community just for you.

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Resource Library

Create, curate and manage your
resources at one place

Curated by Experts

Resources are curated by experts and validated by our members

Download Resources

Download documents to your phone or save them for later use

Extensive Selection

Access to resources for every age group, skill and difficulty

Some of Our Amazing Resources

5 Ways to Celebrate your Child's Progress
Teaching Phonics to Children with Special Needs
Remedial Strategies for 4Ds - Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia & Dyspraxia
Importance of Educational & Behavioural Assessment for Parents & Teachers
Math Skills Milestone Checklist
Attention Span Workbook

Holistic Tech Platform for Special Needs

We're constantly offering innovative solutions for helping parents, special educators, schools, therapy centers and more to provide the right intervention for special needs children at the right time.

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What Our Eblity Members Say

The webinar is so informative. The topics will absolutely help the parents on how to deal with the behaviour of their children. Sometimes parents misinterpret behaviors of their children. The techniques mentioned in the webinar are really a big help to the parents.

Maria Josefina

Very helpful for us as educators to understand the children's characteristics and pave way for their bright future.

Fertus Johanis Bien

I have worked with kids with special needs and it gave me work satisfaction to continue working for them. Thank you the presenter for this webinar which has helped to explore many new ways to help parents and solving their everyday problems. Thanking Eblity as well for making this platform to clear our doubts in the pandemic time.

Shikha Pai

Early Identification for Appropriate Intervention

Free Academic, Motor, Behavioural and Developmental checklists
for educators and parents

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Special Education Blog

Eblity’s special education blog has hundreds of helpful articles on how you can become better as
professionals or parents taking care of a special needs child.

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