Transformational Education for Special Children

Eblity enables parents, educators, professionals and schools to provide children with special needs the education they deserve

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What makes Eblity special?

Helping every child succeed is at the center of everything we do

Empowering Tools

We offer a suite of tools for parents, educators, professionals & schools to radically change their children's learning experience

Learning Ecosystem

We build an ecosystem for everything one would need to improve special children's lives exponentially

Community Enablement

We grow together as a community with everyone who's taking care of a special child

Eblity is specially crafted for parents, educators/professionals and schools

who take care of children that need help with

& More

7000+ Caring Parents

15000+ Educators & Professionals

Belonging to 30+ Countries

Our Offerings

A comprehensive set of tools, services & resources to help you help your child better

The Traditional Way  &  The Eblity Way

The Traditional Way

Eblity Way

Giving Children the Education they Deserve

Over 93 million children have special needs, only 10-15% in the developing countries get the required education & care

  • 1 in every 6 children in India have some special needs. This is largely unidentified and unaddressed.
  • Millions of parents are not aware of developmental delay and how they can take action. Only 2-3% get the required early intervention and care.

  • Incidence of ADHD, Autism and intellectual disability are all on the rise globally.

Eblity transforms the way children with special needs learn & live their lives


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