Ms. Khushbu Porwal

Phonics Teacher Trainer


Ms. Khushbu Porwal

Ms. Khushbu is an Early Childhood Educator and Jolly Learning (UK) Accredited Trainer – Singapore & MOE (Ministry of Education, Singapore) registered instructor. She has a B.Sc, LLB, B.ED, ECCE, Certification Courses in Jolly Phonics & Grammar from the UK.

She has rich experience in teaching more than 1,200 teachers and parents across South Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India, and conducted more than 150 Jolly Phonics & Grammar teacher training workshops across South Asia.

She has also conducted teacher & parent workshops on Phonics for STAR (Student at risk) Kids, Mysteries of English spelling, How to spot Dyslexia & what to do next?, etc.

Her other achievements include:
1) the first one to introduce online Jolly Phonics Teacher Training (Post COVID) in Singapore & Indonesia and designed the training into an interactive, very active & hands-on experience for teachers.
2) organized voluntary training for Reading Roots SG-A volunteer-run service group helping children 4-6 yrs old learn to read English.
3) conducted training of more than 40 Speech & Occupational Therapists of Malaysia's leading Speech Therapy and learning center, Penang.
4) conducted voluntary training for all the volunteers of Reading Roots, Singapore & to the student guardians at MINDS (Movement for the intellectually disabled of Singapore).
5) trained more than 50 Education Officers from Jaipur’s Bodh Shiksha Samiti for the Government of Rajasthan, India.

During the initial years in her teaching, she realized that most children, irrespective of urban or rural backgrounds, had difficulty in reading English which led to milestone delays in their academics. Her quest for an effective reading program that has a simple, systematic & fun-filled approach for learning led to Jolly Phonics – a child-centered & multisensory reading & writing program for English literacy. She strongly believe that anyone, regardless of age or background, should be given the opportunity to learn to read.

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