Behavioural & Socio-Emotional Challenges & Its Identification

Children repeat behaviour that gives them the biggest reaction.

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Certificate Program on 'Behavioural & Socio-Emotional Challenges & Its Identification'


In our earlier modules, we discussed how academic challenges can impair a child’s academic performance and development. However, there are diverse remedial strategies that can be employed to overcome these challenges and facilitate the development of cognitive and academic skills in children with special needs.

In this module, we will explore in detail the diverse behavioural challenges faced by children with special needs and how these challenging behaviours impact their learning and development along with disrupting the classroom environment at large. We will also discuss the tools that can be used to identify the root causes of these challenging behaviours.

This module will equip educators with the knowledge to identify different challenging behaviours based on the children’s red flag signs and also recognise the possible reasons or functions of the behaviour.

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Topics Covered

Classification of Behavioural Challenges

  • ADHD
  • ASD
  • CD/ODD
  • Mental Health Disorders
  • Inappropriate Sexual Behaviours

Assessment & Identification

  • Informal Assessment Tools
  • Factors Influencing Behaviours
  • Reasons for Challenging Behaviours

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