Smita Tripathi & Shivani Wadhwa

Smita Tripathi: Remedial Therapist, Special Education Consultant | Shivani Wadhwa: Counselling Psychologist and Remedial Therapist


Smita Tripathi & Shivani Wadhwa

Mrs. Smita Tripathi

A special educator with 15+ yrs of experience in skill developing and implementing teaching programs in mainstream schools, Counselling and Remedial Centre.

Skilled in creating, training, coaching and modelling special education practices in inclusive schools.

Extensive experience in classroom administration and PLC project planning in school.

I thrive to serve teachers, school administrators and parents to increase acceptance of CWSN.

I’m inspired to help planning and implementing PLC in schools setup.

Ms. Shivani Wadhwa

Have years of rich experience in helping/serving children with special needs.

Aims to empower individuals to reach their potential emotionally and academically.

A certified SOI Practitioner and Phonics Master Trainer.

Founder of Samarthya: Nurture a better you.

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