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Motor Skills
0-7 years

About the Checklist:

Brief-write up

Motor skill development is an important part of child development because it allows children to participate in activities and reach age-appropriate developmental milestones.
Gross Motor skills are those that necessitate whole-body movement and involve the large muscles of the body in order to perform daily functions such as standing, walking, running, and sitting upright. Eye-hand coordination skills, such as ball skills, are also included (throwing, catching, kicking). Play, sports, and fitness all require gross motor skills.
Gross motor abilities, which include body awareness, reaction speed, balance, and strength, serve as the foundation for fine motor skills.

Gross Motor skills are linked to actions required for daily life and academic success. Delays in gross motor skills can lead to issues with fine motor skills. The ability of a student to maintain upper body support, for example, will affect his ability to write. Researchers discovered that poor gross motor skills were associated with learning delays, such as difficulties with reading and math. Early intervention is critical because gross motor development can affect a child's cognitive and motor abilities as they grow older.
Although children develop at different rates, having an approximate timeline for when they reach certain milestones can help you determine if your child is progressing normally.

Why use this checklist?

Eblity's Gross Motor Skills Checklist is based on the Gross Motor Skills Developmental Milestones. This checklist will assist you in assessing your child's gross motor skill development.
There are some indicators that your child may be struggling with gross motor skills. Use this checklist as a starting point if you notice any delays or suspect that your child is having difficulty learning or perfecting these skills.
Early detection and intervention are critical in getting your child the support he or she requires.

Who can use this checklist?

Parents, caregivers and educators can use this checklist to determine if the child is struggling with gross motor skills development.

Point to Note/Disclaimer

This checklist is only an observation checklist that helps to know the red flag signs and not a diagnostic tool.

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