Writing Skills Checklist

3-15 years

About the Checklist:

Brief-write up

Writing skills are one of the most crucial skills for the academic success of every child because the academic ability of students is largely reliant on their ability to express thoughts in the form of written communication.

Writing skills form an essential part of a child's development. Writing involves the components of manual dexterity and fine motor skills to have legible handwriting and it also involves components of spelling, grammar, and story planning.

Children with writing challenges and/or dysgraphia face difficulty in writing legibly, putting their thoughts on paper, and/or in spelling. It is important to pay attention to and identify the early signs of writing difficulties in children to provide timely help. Early identification and intervention play a key role in helping children to cope with their limitations effectively.

Why use this checklist?

Ebility's Writing checklist will help you  to know the child's level of difficulty in writing.
This checklist is based on the skills required to write effectively. (This is a skill based observation checklist)
You can use this to identify the writing challenges in children and support them with remediation/further formal evaluation of their skill deficits for early identification of learning difficulties if any.

Who can use this checklist?

Parents, caregivers, professionals and educators can use this checklist to know if the child is struggling with writing skills.

Point to Note/Disclaimer

This checklist is only an observation checklist that helps to know the red flag signs and it is not a diagnostic tool.

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