How Does The Learning Environment Affects The Learning Ability Of The Child?

Jun 4, 2020

Just like adults, children are also susceptible to all forms of stressors such as studies and the environment. That is why it is important to ensure the learning environment is conducive for a child. Getting the learning environment right for the child is extremely crucial. This enables the child to focus better, reduces stress, and promotes better engagement during lesson time.

Here are 3 common learning environments that could affect a child’s learning ability.


A clean learning environment is crucial as it maximizes the learning experience of the child. Dirty and messy environments would have a negative impact on the learning ability of the child as it can cause distraction and hence affecting the child’s overall performance during lesson time.


Lighting is an important factor that enables the brain's ability to focus. Dim lighting has a negative learning effect by making it difficult for the child to clearly see the words. Excessive lighting will cause glare which will strain and tire the child’s eyes. Hence, the child would find it effortful to read accurately on a paper or whiteboard. This can lead the child to assimilate wrong information or difficulty with the retention of new information.

Opting for natural lightings with the right amount is recommended as it improves attention span and behaviour of the child and thus creating less anxiety and stress.


The ambient room temperature will also affect a child’s attention span. A room that is too cold or too hot may reduce or depletes the child’s concentration during lesson time. While warmer temperature tends to cause the child to feel lethargic, the colder temperatures can cause the child to shiver.

It is therefore crucial to set the right room temperature so as to eliminate any feeling of discomfort in the child and allowing the child to focus on the learning.

The above, are some common learning environments that could affect the child’s learning ability. Ensuring the learning environment is right is key to ensuring the child is able to focus during lesson time.

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