Inclusive education - Why & How?

Classroom Learning
Aug 28, 2020

Knowledge is the supreme power and every child has the right to access this power. The schools hold the responsibility to provide education and the homely environment to children which helps them to bloom and secure a prosperous future.

Every child deserves to have a safe learning environment that is free from any discrimination or marginalization.

In the case of students with special needs, most of them are admitted to special schools. Nevertheless, we must acknowledge the increasing demand for Inclusive educational institutions where every child irrespective of their background gets a chance to gain knowledge.

One cannot ignore the importance of belongingness and unity in the development of skills in a child as they seek to attain knowledge in their growth years.

Our main aim should be to help a child with special needs to learn skills which can help them throughout their lives. An inclusive education institute ensures that they acquire these skills as they observe and interact with various children coming together under one roof.

Inclusive schools need to be well equipped with facilities that can help a child with special needs to attend the school without any hindrances. Such schools need to have highly qualified special educators and educational psychologists for planning out the curriculum which can equally benefit every child in their schools. The children participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities and hence learn a lot about the community through collaboration with the rest of the students.

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Kalyani Tejaswita Srivastava

Kalyani Tejaswita Srivastava is an Applied Psychology graduate from Amity University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh