Design of an Inclusive Mainstream School

Inclusive education was conceptualised with the belief that students of all diverse abilities have the right to an education that is meaningful, appropriate and equivalent to that of their peers. Join us to find out how we can change the concept to reality.

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Certificate Program on 'Design of an Inclusive Mainstream School'


Children spend most of their waking hours in school and there are so many opportunities that a school can do to support and facilitate children’s holistic development.

This module focuses on a ‘Whole-school Approach’ that promotes an inclusive culture in the mainstream school environment. It starts with focusing on the soul of every school, the soul that creates magic in the lives of children in their every school day. It will then lay down the pathway for setting up an inclusive school, sharing the importance of setting up a student support services department to cater to diverse learners and their respective unique needs as well as the tricks to improve collaboration across all stakeholders.

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Topics Covered

  • Inclusive School and its Benefits
  • A Student Support Services Department in an Inclusive School
  • Parental Acceptance and Support

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Speakers part of this Program

We want to help you learn from the best minds in the industry and access to experts who have decades of experience in special needs

Dr. Amba Sethi
Consulting Psychologist and Master Trainer

Dr. Amba Sethi is a Consulting Psychologist who has been working in the field of mental health for over 25 years with a master's degree and a PhD in Psychology. She is a counselor, meditation teacher, trainer, and workshop conductor. She is also a master trainer for the prevention of child abuse for the state of Chhattisgarh, a trainer for Chhattisgarh Prashasan Academy and Police Training School. She has been extensively working in the field of stress management, emotional intelligence, Parenting, mental health, metacognition, etc.

Mrs. Balasaraswathy Nair
Founder & Online Remedial Coach, LD Remedial World

Mrs. Balasaraswathy is an experienced Online Remedial Coach, having trained 20,000+ teachers and parents who help children overcome Learning Disability, through online courses on her E-coaching platform called LD Remedial World and Udemy. She is the founder of LD Remedial World. She has M Phil in Education (Learning Disability), Masters In Economics and Masters In Education. She has 25 years of experience in leadership roles at Mainstream schools across ICSE, CBSE, SSC, IB and NIOS Boards,10 years of experience in Special Education as the founder of Vedas Education (Schooling Without Boundaries), 10 years of experience as Director of Training for Special Educators in Vedas Ignite Academy for Inclusive Education and 12 years of experience as Managing Trustee of Prayas Charitable Foundation, which supports Special Needs children from low socio-economic strata in Gujarat. She has personally helped more than 300 LD children to become self-reliant.

Dr. Marie Grace Gomez
Professor, Registered Guidance Counselor, Licensed Professional Teacher

Marie Grace A. Gomez is Professor 1 at the Counselor Education Area, College of Education, University of the Philippines-Diliman. She teaches counseling and research courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has a bachelor's degree in Political Science, a Master of Arts in Education (Guidance) degree, a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Guidance and another doctorate in Special Education. She is currently working on a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology. All degrees are earned from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. She has served as a classroom teacher, guidance counselor, and administrator in the basic and tertiary education settings. Her community extension projects involve counseling and assessment of children, persons with disability, children in conflict with the law, drug surrenderees, sexually abused children, medical personnel, women with mental health issues in institutional settings, and persons affected by COVID-19.
Her researches are in the fields of education, persons with disability, program development, and development of assessment instruments. She has published and presented researches both locally and internationally and is constantly invited to referee journal articles submitted for publication. She is a member of the Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society, the Pi Lamda Theta Honor Society for Teachers an the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. She was a recipient of the UP Presidential Scholarship award, the UP International Publication Award, the One-UP Professorial Chair for Teaching and Research, and the One-UP Professorial Chair Award for Teaching and Public Service.

Smita Tripathi & Shivani Wadhwa
Smita Tripathi: Remedial Therapist, Special Education Consultant | Shivani Wadhwa: Counselling Psychologist and Remedial Therapist

Mrs. Smita Tripathi

A special educator with 15+ yrs of experience in skill developing and implementing teaching programs in mainstream schools, Counselling and Remedial Centre.

Skilled in creating, training, coaching and modelling special education practices in inclusive schools.

Extensive experience in classroom administration and PLC project planning in school.

I thrive to serve teachers, school administrators and parents to increase acceptance of CWSN.

I’m inspired to help planning and implementing PLC in schools setup.

Ms. Shivani Wadhwa

Have years of rich experience in helping/serving children with special needs.

Aims to empower individuals to reach their potential emotionally and academically.

A certified SOI Practitioner and Phonics Master Trainer.

Founder of Samarthya: Nurture a better you.

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