Remedial English Program

If the child cannot learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way that they learn!

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 Certificate Program on 'Remedial English Program'


Learning a language can be tedious and needs practice to gain mastery over the language. With English being one of the most commonly used languages in the world, especially in school settings; most children from diverse backgrounds find it difficult to learn the language. Their struggle with the English Language affects their academic grades and overall performance in different settings like school, public places, social settings, etc. 

This module focuses on evidence- and practice-based strategies, techniques and resources that can be used to help improve the development of literacy skills in children with special needs to improve their academic outcomes. These strategies and techniques can be individualized and customized for each child based on their needs/requirements. 

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Topics Covered

Remedial English Intervention

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Reading Fluency
  • Comprehension Skills
  • Spelling Skills
  • Grammar Skills

Handwriting Intervention

  • Handwriting Skills
  • Expressive Writing Skills

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Speakers part of this Program

We want to help you learn from the best minds in the industry and access to experts who have decades of experience in special needs

Mdm. Geetha Gopi N
Rehabilitation Practitioner and Psychologist

Rehabilitation Practitioner and Psychologist. Director of Professional Development & Programs at The Sashaktikaran Trust, Cochin. Over 30 years of experience in helping children with special needs. Worked in international schools following an American curriculum for inclusive settings primarily for more than 15 years. Done intensive work in curriculum development and adaptations, behavioural management, coordinating and promoting best educational practices using UDL principles for professionals and parents. Launched Early Academic Series; a Teacher’s kit for teaching early English language skills and basic Mathematics based on Universal Design of Learning.

Ms. Neeta Mehta
Physiotherapist & Director of Sahas Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre

A Physiotherapist with years of experience handling children with autism and other special needs. A "Handwriting Without Tears" expert with rich experience of 18 years. Director of Sahas Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre with a mission to create an inclusive society for Children with Special Needs.

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