Motor Development and Interventions

Gross and Fine motor skills are not merely about the movement of hands and coordination, it is instrumental for the child’s learning and development. Children with motor difficulties find it difficult to engage in meaningful completion of tasks and can be seen as avoiding participation in activities in school or home settings.

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Certificate Program on 'Motor Development and Interventions'


Educators may come across children who do not want to participate in certain activities no matter how interesting they can be. They may feel stuck in their approaches and are unsure what more can be done to help and support these children.

This module will touch on the role of gross and fine motor skills in learning and development, the unique challenges faced by children with gross and fine motor delays or difficulties and their impacts on academic performance and learning outcomes.

This module will also cover various classroom accommodation and adaptation strategies, with the aim to help educators modify their learning environment to facilitate better learning outcomes for all children.

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Topics Covered

  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills Developmental Challenges
  • Screening and Assessment
  • Accommodation and Adaptation of School Environment

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