Special Needs Conditions & their Challenges

Between 93 million and 150 million school-going children are living with a disability worldwide. Join us to find out the common disabilities in children in mainstream schools and how you can support them effectively.

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Certificate Program on 'Special Needs Conditions & their Challenges'


When children grow and develop at their own pace, there is a normal range in which children reach developmental milestones. Failure to reach these milestones is an indication of a delay in the development and is considered as the “red flag or at-risk signs.’

Ever wondered what would happen if these red flags are ignored or missed?

This module is to give an idea of what would happen if the red flag signs are not addressed. If no early interventions are provided based on the red flags signs, it may lead to the development of a disability or disorder that affects a child’s holistic development throughout his/her life span.

This module will throw light on the various types of disabilities and special needs conditions that affect a child’s growth and development. It will also give an overview of unique challenges faced by Children with Special Needs and highlight the importance of Early Identification and Intervention Formulation. Tools, techniques and appropriate interventions to support children with specific conditions will also be discussed.

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Topics Covered

  • Diverse Special Needs Conditions
  • Challenges of each Special Needs Condition
  • Identifications & Interventions

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Speakers part of this Program

We want to help you learn from the best minds in the industry and access to experts who have decades of experience in special needs

Mdm. Geetha Gopi N
Rehabilitation Practitioner and Psychologist

Rehabilitation Practitioner and Psychologist. Director of Professional Development & Programs at The Sashaktikaran Trust, Cochin. Over 30 years of experience in helping children with special needs. Worked in international schools following an American curriculum for inclusive settings primarily for more than 15 years. Done intensive work in curriculum development and adaptations, behavioural management, coordinating and promoting best educational practices using UDL principles for professionals and parents. Launched Early Academic Series; a Teacher’s kit for teaching early English language skills and basic Mathematics based on Universal Design of Learning.

Dr. Marie Grace Gomez
Professor, Registered Guidance Counselor, Licensed Professional Teacher

Marie Grace A. Gomez is Professor 1 at the Counselor Education Area, College of Education, University of the Philippines-Diliman. She teaches counseling and research courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has a bachelor's degree in Political Science, a Master of Arts in Education (Guidance) degree, a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Guidance and another doctorate in Special Education. She is currently working on a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology. All degrees are earned from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. She has served as a classroom teacher, guidance counselor, and administrator in the basic and tertiary education settings. Her community extension projects involve counseling and assessment of children, persons with disability, children in conflict with the law, drug surrenderees, sexually abused children, medical personnel, women with mental health issues in institutional settings, and persons affected by COVID-19.
Her researches are in the fields of education, persons with disability, program development, and development of assessment instruments. She has published and presented researches both locally and internationally and is constantly invited to referee journal articles submitted for publication. She is a member of the Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society, the Pi Lamda Theta Honor Society for Teachers an the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. She was a recipient of the UP Presidential Scholarship award, the UP International Publication Award, the One-UP Professorial Chair for Teaching and Research, and the One-UP Professorial Chair Award for Teaching and Public Service.

Ms. Gina L. Bermudo
Teacher, Special Education Advocate

Ms Gina is a strong advocate for making a difference in the life of children with special needs and produces and composes songs inspired by her 2 sons on the spectrum. A scholar who holds a master’s degree in Education major in Special Education and currently pursuing second Master’s degree in Education Major in Autism Studies at the University of Massachusetts, USA. Her accolades include 2019 Most Outstanding Alumna Award in the field of Special Education, outstanding research and presentation at the International Conference for Social Sciences and Humanities held at Harvard Medical School, lifetime member of the International Honor Society in Social Sciences, Pi Gamma Mu, member of the International Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and recipient of the “Gintong Medalya Award”. A resource speaker on Autism Awareness, Behavioural Analysis, Learning Disabilities, and other related topics in different schools, public and private offices, and different social organizations all over Philippines.

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